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RITM Awards SANOSIL PHILIPPINES 4.33 Rating for CY2022

In its recent Annual Performance Evaluation of Suppliers from January to December 2022, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine awards SANOSIL PHILIPPINES with a 4.33 Rating (Very Good Rating) for CY 2022. Sanosil has been regularly used by the different RITM laboratories and its hospital spaces since its introduction in the Philippines in 2010.  

Retired UNILAB Chief Rose Dumpit remembers
SANOSIL’s beginnings with the Philippines’ largest
pharmaceutical company

The UNILAB mission and vision has always been to provide quality and affordable healthcare products and services that promote and enrich life for the communities we serve. In 2008, we took this to include prevention, and with the direction of our COO Mr. Ben Yap, we got started on studies on Swiss-made Sanosil which was [read more]

The Medical City Ortigas (TMC) includes
SANOSIL S006 Fogging on Reports to WHO

The Medical City Ortigas (TMC) reports to the WHO on its COVID Surge Capacity Efforts, including the use of SANOSIL S006 fogging on 3M N95 masks for reuse by its doctors and staff. In a report to the World Health organization (Western Pacific Region) on the Medical City’s COVID surge capacity efforts, Dr. Cybele Lara [read more]