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When I started working at TMC in 2004, we had increasing cases of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) with HAIs reaching >10/1000pt days.

Victoria I. Ching, RN, MGM-ESP

A few months after introducing Sanosil S006 via aerial misting, our HAIs was reduced by 50%. By the time I retired in2018, TMC had a stable rate of <3/100 PT days annually. We also found it very useful in managing outbreaks, which were controlled with 7 days once detected.

Sanosil S006 misting was a major contributor to our success in reducing our HAIs. It was of course used in conjunction with more stringent monitoring of hand hygiene protocols and environmental pre-cleaning. The use of Sanosil is to catch all missed spaces.

TMC was one of the first regular users of Sanosil S006 in 2010. Since the product was unheard of, we subjected it to stringent testing especially the misting of Sanosil S006 via automatic fogging unit. When laboratory testing proved successful, we deployed fogging of Sanosil S006 at the hospital.

Sanosil S006 was used in all rooms of ICU complex, the operating rooms, and the IPMM. It was also used for all terminal cleaning of patient rooms with MDROs. For long-staying patients, we would transfer them to a new room on their 14th day, and perform terminal cleaning and Sanosil fogging of their previous room. Lastly, we would also perform misting of Sanosil post-construction/repairs/renovations before the rooms were opened for patient use.

Sanosil was used at every situation when patients or staff were at risk from environmental contamination or secondary transmission.


(Originally Signed)
Victoria I. Ching
3 March 2019

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