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RITM Awards SANOSIL PHILIPPINES 4.33 Rating for CY2022

In its recent Annual Performance Evaluation of Suppliers from January to December 2022, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine awards SANOSIL PHILIPPINES with a 4.33 Rating (Very Good Rating) for CY 2022. Sanosil has been regularly used by the different RITM laboratories and its hospital spaces since its introduction in the Philippines in 2010.  

ASIAN Hospital and Medical Center Purchases
First Fleet of Sanosil Aerosol Foggers, S006 Disinfectant

Sanosil Philippines delivers to ASIAN Hospital its first fleet of Swiss-made Sanosil aerosol foggers and Sanosil S006 disinfectant, intended for use in their COVID spaces for entire room disinfection as well as for fogging of N95 masks for reuse of doctors and staff. A make-shift, air- tight space was immediately built by the ASIAN team [read more]